Australasian Birdfair

The Venue – Why Sydney Olympic Park?

Newington ‘Armory’ at Sydney Olympic Park was chosen after extensive consultation with the Sydney Olympic Park Authority, an organisation that handles very large events every day of the year.The venue facilitates access for thousands of members of the public and the birding community from across greater Sydney, interstate or from overseas. At the same time the site provides extensive open green space and parkland in which to appreciate wildlife.

Nearby wetlands and parklands are easily accessible on foot, bicycle or free shuttle bus with volunteers keen to help point out features and wildlife to add enjoyment to your weekend.

Getting there

The ease of access to Sydney Olympic park is a legacy of the 2000 Olympic Games providing its own railway station, ferry terminal, bus service and extensive parking facilities enabling access from across town, Sydney Airport and interstate rail networks.

Two main entrance gates will be available; a river front drop off point as well as a second main entrance across the road from an extensive all-day parking facility.

Ample signage will make it easy for those travelling by car, taxi, by bicycle (via the extensive cycle-ways) or on foot.

2017 Bird Fair Map1 - SOPA layout