Aug 11 2017

NZ Rock Wren Benefits from Bird Fair Funding

Kerry Weston of the Department of Conservation, New Zealand, has praised the Australasian Bird and Wildlife Fair for its 2014 contribution of $10,000 towards the conservation of the New Zealand alpine rock wren (Xenicus gilviventris).

“The 2014 Australasian Bird Fair raised $10,000 towards the conservation of the New Zealand alpine rock wren (Xenicus gilviventris).”

“Rock wren are a small, endangered passerine, endemic to mountainous regions of the South Island of New Zealand. The most immediate threat to the rock wrens is predation by introduced mammals, primarily stoats (Mustela erminea).

“Using the funding from the Australasian Birdfair, we were able to purchase and install a network of ninety kill traps within a stronghold of wren habitat in the Haast Range, South Westland.

“We have now monitored nest survival at this site for 4 years, both prior to and following the establishment of the predator trapping network. We are happy to report that predator trapping has improved rock wren nest survival significantly. In the absence of predator trapping only 10% of nests were successful, compared with 60% nest survival on average once predator trapping was established. We are still refining our predator trapping regimes and it is likely rock wren nest survival can be improved further still. Thanks Australasian Birdfair!”