Aug 11 2017

NZ Rock Wren Benefits from Bird Fair Funding

Kerry Weston of the Department of Conservation, New Zealand, has praised the Australasian Bird and Wildlife Fair for its 2014 contribution of $10,000 towards the conservation of the New Zealand alpine rock wren (Xenicus gilviventris).

Jul 10 2017

Something for everyone

The 2017 Australasian Bird Fair and Wildlife Expo will cater for every family and individual’s interest in birds and nature. Come and hear, see or be engaged in birding, wildlifing, learning about research, citizen science or an abundance of children’s activities.

Jun 19 2017

Solid Community Group Representation

At this year’s Australasian Bird Fair and Wildlife Expo we will have a wide variety of community groups supported by councils and other levels of government from the greater Sydney region and beyond.

Other groups include wildlife special interest groups not only for birds, but also insects, bats, frogs and reptiles as well as native and garden plants to attract wildlife to your own little backyard oasis. This year the Birds in Backyards project will feature lots of tips for landscaping your garden and the sensible use of bird baths and feeders even if you don’t have a garden.

Stay tuned as we roll out a comprehensive roll out of exhibitors and activities which these groups will be supporting.

May 17 2017

Rolling out on ground preparations

We are pleased to say that preparations are well under way for this year’s Australasian Bird Fair and Wildlife Expo. The map below displays areas we have set up to cater for all exhibitors registered so far. These include three art galleries situated in the amazing historical armaments magazine.

We have also booked the main “Lecture Theatre” for lectures and talks by world experts on leading research and conservation efforts, as well as the smaller “Presentation Hall” for the use of eco tour and eco lodge operators to tempt people with slides, videos and talks about the birds and wildlife they have on offer for their clientele.