May 17 2017

News – May 2017

We are pleased to say that preparations are well underway for this year’s Australasian Bird Fair and Wildlife Expo. The map below displays areas we have set up to cater for all exhibitors registered so far. These include three art galleries situated in the amazing historical armaments magazine. We have also booked the main ‘Lecture Theatre’ for lectures and talks by world experts on leading research and conservation efforts, as well as the smaller ‘Presentation Hall’ for the use of eco tour and eco lodge operators to tempt people with slides, videos and talks about the birds and wildlife they have on offer for their clientele.

A list of exhibitors will be available on our website soon, with updates on a regular basis. Although we are currently catering for 100 exhibitors we have the flexibility to expand to cover up to double this number as demand increases.

This year we have interest from eco tour operators and lodges from across Australia and from as far away Chile, Columbia, South Africa, Tanzania and the Pacific to tempt your travel bug and offer you the opportunity to indulge your passion for wildlife photography.

Several photographic and optical equipment distributers and retailers will be on site with displays of the widest range of the latest equipment. There will be equipment to match all needs and budgets, and experts will be on hand to advise you.

Community groups

There will be a wide variety of community groups supported by councils and other levels of government from the greater Sydney region and beyond. Other groups include wildlife special interest groups not only for birds, but also insects, bats, frogs and reptiles as well as native and garden plants to attract wildlife to your own little backyard oasis. This year the Birds in Backyards project will feature lots of tips for landscaping your garden and the sensible use of bird baths and feeders even if you don’t have a garden.

For the Kids

There will be plenty to interest children, with a wide variety of attractions from pond dipping for water bugs, looking at even smaller animals through microscopes, bird watching, bug hunting, and quizzes with lots of prizes to be won.

Lecture program

Our lecture program should be available on our website next month.  It is being formulated to provide the greatest interest to visitors, whether you are a passionate wildlife watcher or conservationist, or one of those in the wider community who is keen to learn more about research and conservation projects or attracting wildlife to your garden or local park in the most environmentally friendly way.

Exhibition/Artists program

We already have keen interest from wildlife artists who would like to display and sell their works, both originals and prints. Discussions are also underway about the possibility of having a wildlife photographic competition with images on line during the judging process. Winning entries will then be on display at an exhibition at the fair for all to see in one of the art galleries. We are also looking at the possibilities of having prints for sale. Watch this space whether you are a passionate photographer keen to compete in the competition or someone looking for works of art to decorate your home.

As already noted, we have secured an ideal location for art works and prints in a set of buildings constructed to provide a stable climate for highly sensitive naval ordinance – a perfect climate for delicate artwork. The history of these buildings includes an intriguing honeycomb of connecting passages and the ‘Armory’ museum which will be open to visitors with regular tours.


Because of the very limited car parking area close to the main gate of the fair we have secured the use of the very large P5 Car Park for the convenience of our visitors.  This is just across the road from the ‘Armory’. However, for those not wanting to walk the ¾ km to the main exhibition area we will have a constant shuttle bus service (every ten minutes) to the main gate drop off bay. Other options include a pleasant walk through the Narawang Wetlands (created in the lead up to the 2000 ‘Green Olympics’) and a ‘short cut’ walk through the Armory grounds to the main event.2017 Bird Fair Map - SOPA layout