Oct 13 2017

2017 Program Now Available

The 2017 Program for the Bird Fair and Wildlife Expo is now available Get the Expo Program Check out all the events of the weekend and make sure that you book in for all the popular events prior to the Expo, like this one:

A special screening of an amazing new documentary ‘Secrets At Sunrise’

Secrets at Sunrise tells the fascinating story of a team of people working together to save one of the world’s rarest birds, the Western Ground Parrot. Filmmaker Jennene Riggs has spent the past three years following scientists from Department of Parks and Wildlife in remote Cape Arid National Park where the only known population of the critically endangered parrot survives, to Perth Zoo where attempts are under way to breed the birds in captivity.

The film captures the challenges of working in remote environments trying to save a cryptic bird whose numbers are likely less than 150 individuals. There are moments of high drama when a series of bush fires wipes out 90% of the last known habitat. Bookings are essential for this program – Book here.. All funds raised go to the Western Ground Parrot Recovery Program.

Here’s a sneak preview of the movie